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Helping Students Cope with Trauma and Loss: Online Training for School Personnel with Helene Jackson, Ph.D.
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This course was edited by Sharon Kay. The project was developed by the Columbia University School of Social Work with support from the Bank Street College of Education.

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Professor Jackson's concluding thoughts for course 1.

Recalling the vignettes about Arjun and Emily, you now have a better understanding of how, as a teacher, school counselor, or administrator, you can respond to the disabling behavior and fear caused by trauma. You also know that if and when you begin to feel overwhelmed, it is essential that you take steps to minimize the potentially damaging effects of trauma on yourself. As a result of your newly acquired knowledge and intervention techniques, your students will be less likely to develop PTSD or other associated psychological disorders. If you choose to move on to Course 2, Parts 1 or 2 or both ("Sudden and Unexpected Loss" and "Family and Community Violence"), you will gain more knowledge and skills related to specific types of trauma. Whichever part you choose, your participation will increase your ability to recognize and respond effectively to students who suffer the damaging effects of trauma and loss.

Note: Anyone taking this course is required to complete all pre- and posttests where indicated.

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