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Helping Students Cope with Trauma and Loss: Online Training for School Personnel with Helene Jackson, Ph.D.
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This course was edited by Sharon Kay. The project was developed by the Columbia University School of Social Work with support from the Bank Street College of Education.

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Self-Care for School Personnel: Strategies

The following are some strategies you can use to take care of yourself:

  • Use positive self-talk—for example, "My feelings are a normal reaction to an abnormal situation."
  • Make use of social supports; reach out to friends, family and other school personnel.
  • If you are uncomfortable talking about your feelings, find another form of expression such as journal writing, hobbies, sports, or physical exercise.
  • Use relaxation and stress-management techniques, such as meditation, mental imagery, muscle relaxation, and massage, to calm yourself.
  • Reach out to the school community—particularly after a major disaster, the school community may be fragmented. 16
If, after one month, you continue to feel overwhelmed, you may want to consult your school counselor or consider seeking the help of a mental-health expert.

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