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Helping Students Cope with Trauma and Loss: Online Training for School Personnel with Helene Jackson, Ph.D.
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This course was edited by Sharon Kay. The project was developed by the Columbia University School of Social Work with support from the Bank Street College of Education.

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Mental-health interventions can minimize the damaging effects of trauma.
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You should now be familiar with some of the risk and protective factors that can influence the course trauma will take. For example, if you reread the stories of Arjun and Emily presented at the beginning of this part of the course, you can understand why they suffer from the damaging effects of trauma while their peers seem to be resilient. From Sandra's case study, you learned about the factors to consider when evaluating whether a school-age child is at risk for developing chronic PTSD. With your new awareness of trauma and its potential effects on your students, you are ready to move on to the next part of the course. In Course 1, Part 2, you will learn how to respond to school-age children whose lives have been disrupted by trauma.


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