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Helping Students Cope with Trauma and Loss: Online Training for School Personnel with Helene Jackson, Ph.D.
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This course was edited by Sharon Kay. The project was developed by the Columbia University School of Social Work with support from the Bank Street College of Education.

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About Professor Helene Jackson

Helene Jackson is Associate Professor and Director of Continuing Distance Education at the Columbia University School of Social Work, where she is on the practice faculty and teaches advanced clinical practice. Professor Jackson is internationally known for her work on the effects of family violence and trauma. She has published several scholarly articles and book chapters on posttraumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, and preadolescent suicide. She is coauthor of Childhood Abuse: Effects on Clinicians' Personal and Professional Lives and editor of Using Self Psychology in Psychotherapy. Her contributions to research and practice have been recognized by the New York Academy of Medicine, where she is a Fellow; the National Academy of Practice in Social Work, where she is a Distinguished Scholar; and by Who's Who in Medicine and Health.


Thanks to all those who contributed to the development and implementation of this project: Sharon Kay, Editor; Ann McCann Oakley, Dean and Director of Information Technology, Columbia University School of Social Work; the staff at Digital Knowledge Ventures (DKV); Nathaniel Herz, James Burger, Vincent Aliberto, and Vivian Ducat; Fern Khan, Dean of Continuing Education, Bank Street School of Education; and Ed Gragert, Losira Okelo, Betsy Fredericks, Jennifer Elkins, and Drew and Celia Einhorn from the International Education and Research Network (iEARN).