Mapping the Middle East
Gary Sick, Acting Director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University and a former high-level government advisor on the Middle East, offers a series of three e-seminars on the culture and politics of Iran. In these e-seminars, Professor Sick examines the Iranian revolution, the role of Islam in forming Iranian politics, and the ever evolving relationship between the United States and Iran. This complex and absorbing interactive map, "Mapping the Middle East: Geography, Politics, and Religion," is one of the many resources enriching the first e-seminar in the series. The map allows viewers to highlight the nations of the Middle East, accessing state-specific information about leadership, suffrage, and religious composition. The resource also includes a brief quiz about world Muslim populations as well as several global and regional maps illustrating the distribution of Muslim populations throughout the world. The factors addressed by this resource are essential to Professor Sick's discussion of the role of postrevolutionary Iran in an extremely complicated region.