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Evangelicalism and the Book of Revelations
In his e-seminar "Crucible of Pluralism: Religion in Modern America" Professor Randall Balmer explores the ways in which religion in America has changed in recent years. He provides a larger historical context in which to consider the tension between religious conformity and religious diversity in our nation. Part of the e-seminar provides a brief history of evangelical Christianity in America, its resurgence since the 1970s, and the evangelical reaction against the new diversity. Given the strength of the evangelical tradition in this country, large numbers of Americans throughout our history have given close attention to biblical interpretation. In this video excerpt, Balmer explains that evangelicals have focused particularly on the Book of Revelation at the end of the New Testament, with its prophecies concerning the end of time. Although this interest in the apocalypse may seem remote from everyday life, in fact differing interpretations of the final book of the Bible have had a strong influence on the relationship between evangelicals and American culture.