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Subjects: Information Technology

Faculty Interview
Professor Duncan Watts: The Small World Project in CyberspaceColumbia sociologists Peter Sheridan Dodds, Duncan Watts, and their colleagues have published the first results of the Small World Project, which uses the Internet to test the six-degrees-of-separation theory. In this previously recorded video, Watts explains the theory that originated in the 1960s and contends that people are connected through a chain of no more than six people.
Professor Julia Hirschberg: Computers Can Recognize Emotions in Human Speech
Office of Public AffairsJulia Hirschberg, computer science professor and editor-in-chief of Computational Linguistics, focuses much of her research on the fields of speech summarization and emotional speech—the ability for computers to recognize emotions in human speech. "You want the system to be able to convey subtle variations in the same way that people can, but also you want the system to be able to recognize those subtle variations, because, otherwise, it's missing half of what the person says," she explains.

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