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Subjects: Philosophy and Religion

Learning Tool
A History of Looking at Muslims as Violent PeopleRichard Bulliet/Columbia InteractiveThis audio slide show demonstrates that the United States has had mostly-forgotten military conflicts with Muslim peoples in the past, which might have contributed to a notion of Muslims as "violent people." The slide show is taken from the e-seminar "Battles and Bibles:1776-1913," the first in a multi-part series of e-seminars taught by Richard W. Bulliet on America and the Muslim World.
Evangelicalism and the Book of RevelationsRandall Balmer/Columbia InteractiveIn this video excerpt from the e-seminar Crucible of Pluralism: Religion in Modern America, Professor Randall Balmer explains that evangelicals in America have focused particularly on the Book of Revelation at the end of the New Testament, with its prophecies concerning the end of time. Although this interest in the apocalypse may seem remote from everyday life, in fact differing interpretations of the final book of the Bible have had a strong influence on the relationship between evangelicals and American culture.
Holy Teaching of VimalakirtiCCNMTL, Robert ThurmanThis multimedia study environment is dedicated to The Holy Teaching of Vimalakirti (VKN), translated from the Tibetan by Robert A. F. Thurman. This site is intended to allow the student not only to read the VKN, but also to contextualize the ideas of the text, the text itself, and the ideas and history of Buddhism.
Jewish Theological Seminary Library Exhibits OnlineJewish Theological SeminaryThe online portal to the JTS Library's collection of artifacts, classified into various exhibitions. Images, explanatory text, as well as several virtual "walking tours" in streaming audio.
Key Events Marking the Development of American Relations with the Muslim World: 1786-1913Richard Bulliet/Columbia InteractiveThis timeline of key events in the development of American relations with the Muslim world during the years 1786–1913 contains extensive maps, photographs and reproductions of archival documents. It is taken from the e-seminar Battles and Bibles: 1776–1913, the first in a multi-part series of e-seminars taught by Richard W. Bulliet which examine the history of America and its relation to the Muslim world.
Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism by Frederick JamesonColumbia Center for New Media Teaching and LearningThis interactive text features an extensive catalogue of images and glossaries of persons and concepts that aid in the study of postmodern thought. Columbia network connection required.

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