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Subjects: Philosophy and Religion

Faculty Interview
Professor Akeel Bilgrami: Challenges to Western View of Gandhi's PhilosophyOffice of Public AffairsPhilosophy's Akeel Bilgrami argues that Gandhi, who was assassinated on January 30, 1948, believed the adoption of moral principles generated criticism of others and eventually led to violence. In contrast with Western understanding, Bilgrami argues that Gandhi believed exemplary actions, not principles, are at the root of his philosophy on nonviolence.
Professor Akeel Bilgrami: Muslim and Western States Have Allowed Extremists to Become Voice of IslamOffice of Public AffairsPhilosophy professor Akeel Bilgrami says the actions of both Muslim and western states have allowed extremists to become the voice of Islam, even though they are not representative of the Islamic population. His perspectives on this topic appear in Politics and the Moral Psychology of Identity (Harvard University Press), which is due out next year.
Professor Philip Kitcher: A Democratic Plan for Scientific ResearchOffice of Public AffairsPhilosophy's Philip Kitcher contends there is no standard for determining the pursuit of scientific research. Kitcher, also an affiliated faculty member of Columbia's Center for Science, Policy & Outcomes, offers a democratic plan to establish priorities for scientific research in his book Science, Truth and Democracy.

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