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Subjects: Philosophy and Religion

2002 Reuters Forum: Jihad vs. McWorld - The Clash between Fundamentalism and the Secular WorldSchool of JournalismHave the globalizing and integrating forces of technology, ecology, economics and pop culture ("McWorld") spawned a disintegral, antimodernizing fundamentalist reaction ("Jihad") that puts aggressive, commercializing secularism on a crash course with the billions of people who feel marginalized by the global economy and threatened by homogenizing consumerism and its materialist values? Hear panelists Raghida Dergham, Stephen Jukes, Ambassador Edward S. Walker Jr., and Benjamin Barber discuss these propositons. Archived webcast of a forum held January 30, 2002.
Constitutions, Democracy, and the Rule of Law
Columbia 250thTo kick off the celebration of Columbia University's 250th anniversary, the University hosted a distinguished group of international government leaders, philosophers, and political scientists for this two-day symposium, which considered the pressing question of how to strike the right balance between liberty and security in a post-9/11 world.
Genes and Genomes: Impact on Medicine and Society
Columbia 250thIn celebration of its 250th anniversary, Columbia University brought together an international group of scholars and researchers for a two-day conference that explored the remarkable birth, astounding impact, and puzzling future of genetics.
Randolph Bourne's America
Columbia School of JournalismThe Columbia Graduate School of Journalism hosted a conference on the life and work of Randolph Bourne, an influential yet under-recognized critic who wrote on many topics, including disability, multiculturalism, and war.
Scholars Reexamine Varieties of Religious ExperienceOffice of Public AffairsDuring the Center for the Study of Science's March 24-25, 2002, conference, leading scholars reexamined William James' The Varieties of Religious Experience on the centennial of its publication. Richard Rorty, Professor of Comparative Literature at Stanford, said that James' classic work presents clashing definitions of religious experience.
Wisdom and Meditation Liberate the Human Being in Indo-Tibetan ThinkingOffice of Public AffairsIn this archived webcast of his presentation at the Cummings and Fetzer Lectures on "Meditative and Contemplative States," religion professor Robert Thurman explains how Buddhism and the Western system of higher education overlap in their objectives.

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