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Subjects: Philosophy and Religion

America and the Muslim World—A Series of Five E-Seminars
Over the course of this five-part series, America and the Muslim World, Richard Bulliet, a leading scholar of modern Islam, examines the legacy of misunderstanding between the two cultures. Bulliet chronicles Americans' gradual exposure to the Muslim world in a variety of contexts, and considers the emergence of a significant Muslim population in the United States through immigration and conversion. Finally, Bulliet discusses how Americans have reflected in their popular culture their fascination with the Muslim world.


Crucible of Pluralism: Religion in Modern America
Since the 1960s, the religious landscape of the United States has undergone striking changes. In recent decades, we have become the most religiously diverse nation on earth. Despite the American ideal of protecting religious diversity, these developments have challenged and disturbed many Americans. In this e-seminar Randall Balmer provides a larger historical context in which to consider the tension between religious conformity and religious diversity in our nation.

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Learning Tool

Evangelicalism and the Book of Revelations
In this video excerpt from the e-seminar Crucible of Pluralism: Religion in Modern America, Professor Randall Balmer explains that evangelicals in America have focused particularly on the Book of Revelation at the end of the New Testament, with its prophecies concerning the end of time. Although this interest in the apocalypse may seem remote from everyday life, in fact differing interpretations of the final book of the Bible have had a strong influence on the relationship between evangelicals and American culture.

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Jewish Theological Seminary: Online Master's Programs
JTS has been a center of Jewish study in North America since 1886 and its graduates have taken leadership roles in the organizational and academic work of communities around the world. For the past five years, JTS has been a leader in providing academic and professional development courses online. Now, for the first time, qualified students may earn a JTS degree in Jewish education or interdepartmental studies primarily through online study.


Scholars Reexamine Varieties of Religious Experience
During the Center for the Study of Science's March 24-25, 2002, conference, leading scholars reexamined William James' The Varieties of Religious Experience on the centennial of its publication. Richard Rorty, Professor of Comparative Literature at Stanford, said that James' classic work presents clashing definitions of religious experience.

2002 Reuters Forum: Jihad vs. McWorld - The Clash between Fundamentalism and the Secular World
Have the globalizing and integrating forces of technology, ecology, economics and pop culture ("McWorld") spawned a disintegral, antimodernizing fundamentalist reaction ("Jihad") that puts aggressive, commercializing secularism on a crash course with the billions of people who feel marginalized by the global economy and threatened by homogenizing consumerism and its materialist values? Hear panelists Raghida Dergham, Stephen Jukes, Ambassador Edward S. Walker Jr., and Benjamin Barber discuss these propositons. Archived webcast of a forum held January 30, 2002.

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Faculty Interview

Professor Akeel Bilgrami: Muslim and Western States Have Allowed Extremists to Become Voice of Islam
Philosophy professor Akeel Bilgrami says the actions of both Muslim and western states have allowed extremists to become the voice of Islam, even though they are not representative of the Islamic population. His perspectives on this topic appear in Politics and the Moral Psychology of Identity (Harvard University Press), which is due out next year.

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