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Subjects: Literature

The Midnight's Children Multimedia Study Environment
The Midnight's Children Multimedia Study Environment, produced by the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, provides students the opportunity to gain a richer understanding of Salman Rushdie's acclaimed novel, the play derived from it, and the historical and cultural context in which the story is set.


The Shakespearean Sonnet and the Modern Voice
This e-seminar is more than an exploration of William Shakespeare's sonnets—it is also a personal journey to awaken the dormant power of the human voice. Drawing on Professor Linklater's experience as a student, teacher, actor and director, The Shakespearean Sonnet and the Modern Voice details her innovative approach to "speaking" Shakespeare.

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Learning Tool

A Desertful of Roses - The Urdu Ghazals of Mirza Asadullah Khan "Ghalib"
This astonishing site showcases the works of nineteenth century Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib. Presented on the site are 234 of Ghalib's ghazals along with information about the texts, their arrangement, dating, meter, and transliteration. Web resources include an extensive collection of images of Ghalib's Delhi and Agra, anecdotes, an index of technical terms and names, a detailed bibliography, and links to related websites.

Columbia E-Guide: Archives and Manuscript Collections
A selective guide to archives and manuscript collections in national libraries, state archives and libraries, college and university collections, and historical society archives. Prepared and maintained by CU Library staff.

Columbia University DKV Editorial Style Guide
In addition to providing detailed guidance on traditional style and usage problems, this new style guide addresses the editorial issues that arise when editing text for production on the Web.

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From Olympus to Valhalla: How Greek and Norse Mythological Traditions Inspired Deity Worship
Richard Sacks, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, journeys into the world of the ancient gods. By comparing the ancient Greek and Norse mythological traditions, he gets to the heart of what inspired people to worship and revere these deities. In this Continuing Education lecture, Sacks explores important themes like divine power, destiny and creation and gives us a better understanding of the past, and perhaps ultimately of ourselves.

Reading, Ethics and the Literary Imagination Are the Focus of Lionel Trilling Seminar
This Lionel Trilling Seminar focused on reading as a cultural activity, exploring the history of reading with emphasis on what was read in earlier periods and how it was read. Archived webcast of speakers Brian Stock, University of Toronto, Robert Darnton, Princeton University, and Thomas Flanagan, University of California at Berkeley.

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Faculty Interview

Professor Edward Mendelson: W.H. Auden's "Sept. 1, 1939"
W.H. Auden's "Sept. 1, 1939" was cited frequently after the September 11 terrorist attacks. English and Comparative Literature professor Edward Mendelson says the poem has historically been appropriated by presidential candidates for their own purposes.

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