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Subjects: Journalism

War Reporting—A Series of Three E-Seminars
In War Reporting, a series of three e-seminars, Professor Tom Lansner, a former war correspondent, covers a broad swath of battlefield journalism, from Julius Caesar to contemporary reporting of the 2003 American invasion of Iraq.


War Reporting—E-Seminar 1, Romance and Reality
In this first e-seminar in the three-part series War Reporting, Professor Tom Lansner, a former war correspondent for the British press, covers the colorful history of battlefield journalism, from Julius Caesar to the recent conflict in Afghanistan. While outlining the evolution of war reporting, Professor Lansner discusses shifts in the profession over the last century, including the increase of women reporting from the frontlines, the increased attention to the ethics of war and war reporting, and the role of editorial "gatekeepers" who determine which wars and reports make the news.

Covering Terrorism—A Series of Two E-Seminars
In her two-part e-seminar series, Covering Terrorism, Brigitte Nacos, associate professor of political science at Columbia University, examines the marriage of convenience that exists between terrorists and the media in the light of 9/11.

News Reporting Simulation: A Fire Scenario
A five-alarm fire rages late at night in a high-rise apartment in Freeport, a medium-sized city in the Midwest. On the police beat, you hear the report on the police scanner. Your assignment in this online learning experience is to cover the fire for The Freeport News within a two-hour deadline.

War Reporting—E-Seminar 3, Technologies and Responsibilities
In Technologies and Responsibilities, the third e-seminar in the three-part series War Reporting, Professor Tom Lansner, a former war correspondent, looks at the impact of lighter, faster, and more powerful digital communication tools on reporting from the battlefield, including how the increasing volume of coverage is often provided without the context and analysis needed to understand it.

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Learning Tool

The Pulitzer Prizes
Learn about the history of the Pulitzer Prize, the United States' most prestigious award for journalistic excellence. Read about the history of the prize, find listings of winners 1917–present, and access full-text articles from 1995 on.

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Why Terrorists Need the Media
Over-coverage by the media of terrorist attacks may provide an incentive to terrorists, said Brigitte Nacos, associate professor of Political Science. In this webcast, Nacos discusses how terrorists depend on the media to inform the world of their deeds.

Balancing the Cost of Covering Foreign News
Six months after September 11, news organizations struggle to balance escalating costs with their responsibility to cover foreign news. A panel of top editors and broadcast executives discussed the issue at a forum hosted by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism on March 5, 2002. The panelists included Susan Chira, The New York Times; Neal Shapiro, NBC News, and Mark Whitaker, Newsweek. The discussion was moderated by Columbia Professor Floyd Abrams.

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Faculty Interview

Professor Anne Nelson: War News: Balancing Troop Safety and the Public's Right to Know
Anne Nelson, former war correspondent in El Salvador and director of the International Programs at the Graduate School of Journalism, discusses the need for journalists to balance issues of protecting the troops with the public's right to know. She also suggests that there are more meaningful stories to report in a war besides soldiers firing their weapons.


Columbia Journalism Review
Published six times a year, the Review is a press watchdog publication that aims to improve the field of journalism. Full-text articles from current and past issues, as well as other resources, are available here.