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Subjects: Business and Finance

Faculty Interview
Professor Francisco Rivera-Batiz: Recession Devastates New York's LatinosOffice of Public AffairsFrancisco Rivera-Batiz, associate professor of economics, foresees unemployment in the 12 to 15 percent range–higher than that of the general population–for the Latino population in New York.
Professor Joseph Stiglitz: Traditional Theories of Economics Ignore Poverty and Equality IssuesOffice of Public AffairsOld economic theories ignored differences and assumed homogeneity. The new information economics calls attention to heterogeneity and takes into account problems of poverty, unemployment and governmental transitions, says Joseph Stiglitz, 2001 Nobel Prize Winner of Economics, former adviser to the World Bank, and professor in Columbia's Schools of Business and of International and Public Affairs.
Professor Seymour Melman: Reindustrializing New YorkOffice of Public AffairsSeymour Melman believes that factories can lead an economic revival in New York City. New York used to produce an abundance of manufactured goods and could do so again by seeking financing outside traditional sources such as investment banks, perhaps through labor-sponsored investment funds for small and medium-sized enterprises. Given the economic downturn, Melman thinks the task is an urgent one.

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