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Subjects: Architecture

Changing Character of Democracy in SuburbiaOffice of Public AffairsBenjamin Barber, Director of the New York office of The Democracy Collaborative, examines the cosmopolitan city as the forge of democracy in a global market society in a lecture sponsored by the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation on April 12, 2002. As America becomes increasingly suburban, and privately-owned malls become the social and civic center of suburban life, Barber suggests that democracy, social justice and equality suffer because "classical" public spaces disappear and access to malls by public transportation is limited.
Santiago Calatrava Presents Magill LectureIn his Magill lecture presented on May 31, 2003, Santiago Calatrava, world-renowned architect, artist, and engineer, described architecture as "reproducing, in a controlled way, the natural," and explained the importance of successfully blending natural and man-made environments. He also commented on and analyzed some of his own work
The 21st Century CityOffice of Public AffairsThe 21st Century City symposium, held on October 3, 2002, examined questions about how cities should manage changes in population and their effects on services, health care, culture, and government and how the structure of the city serves the city. Architecture dean Bernard Tschumi also shared design possibilities for Lower Manhattan. Owen Gutfreund, Barnard history and urban studies professor, moderated the discussion.

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