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Subjects: Architecture

Acropolis Virtual Tour
The Acropolis Web site offers students a sequence of screens, reminiscent of a filmstrip, designed to conduct a virtual visit to the Parthenon, a temple dedicated to Athena, in its setting on the Athenian Acropolis.

Learning Tool

Falling Water Interactive Tours
In 1935 Edgar J. Kaufmann commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build a country house in Bear Run, Pennsylvania. The result was one of the most important private houses constructed in the 20th century. This interactive tour combines photography and Quick Time Virtual Reality to offer a virtual visit to the house and grounds.

Touring Columbia's Architecture
Join Andrew Dolkart, James Marston Fitch Chair and associate professor of historic preservation at Columbia's School of Architecture, for a walking tour of the Columbia campus. Professor Dolkart illuminates the genius of architect Charles McKim's 1897 vision for the Morningside Heights site and analyzes the symbolism of the ensemble of buildings and its relationship to the surrounding city.

The Architecture and Development of New York City
On this Web site, Andrew Dolkart, James Marston Fitch Chair and associate professor of historic preservation at Columbia's School of Architecture, examines the history and development of New York City's commercial, residential, and institutional architecture. Module topics include skyscrapers, row houses, churches, Columbia University, and the architectural design of the city's infrastructure.

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Changing Character of Democracy in Suburbia
Benjamin Barber, Director of the New York office of The Democracy Collaborative, examines the cosmopolitan city as the forge of democracy in a global market society in a lecture sponsored by the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation on April 12, 2002. As America becomes increasingly suburban, and privately-owned malls become the social and civic center of suburban life, Barber suggests that democracy, social justice and equality suffer because "classical" public spaces disappear and access to malls by public transportation is limited.

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Precis On-line
Precis presents articles on architecture and planning by students, faculty, and visiting scholars. Full-text articles with accompanying photos and illustrations are available online.

The Graduate School of Architecture online journal, published three times asemester electronically and in print, features online articles, up-to-datelecture listings, news items, and a comprehensive calendar of on- andoff-campus events.