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Essential Concepts
Time Value of Money
Evaluating Cash Flows
Risk and Return
Expected Return
Variance and Standard Deviation

PreMBA Analytical Methods
Risk and Return: Challenge

This challenge presents a problem situation that requires the applications found in "Risk and Return." If you read through the challenge first, you will see an example of the integrated problem you may face in your MBA finance courses or in actual business practice. Attempting to work through the solution before reading through the content that follows may help you see how the concepts in this section work together and complement one another. Of course, you may choose to skip the challenges now and return to them after you've worked through the rest of the course.

There are three challenges for you to choose from. Each covers a similar set of concepts from this section, but each also provides a new situation. You might want to work through one challenge first and return to the second and third later. You decide.

Please select a challenge problem.

Challenge A

Challenge B

Challenge C

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