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Essential Concepts
Time Value of Money
Evaluating Cash Flows
Risk and Return

PreMBA Analytical Methods

The Finance Preassessment allows you to gauge your understanding of material from all parts of the Finance course. Use this assessment to identify finance topics that you should focus on as you work through the course material. The Preassessment is completely optional. You might choose not to complete it if, for example, you already know which topics you need to focus on or if you plan to work through the entire course. However, you might find it helpful to take the assessment anyway, to get a sense of the topic-focused questions you should be able to answer at the completion of the course.

Below, you will find links to various sections of the assessment that focus on particular course topics. Each section contains a set of questions addressing the chosen topic. After you have completed the questions in the section, use the "Submit" button to view the answers.

Time Value of Money
  • Cash Flows and Future Value
  • Present Value
Evaluating Cash Flows
  • Annuities
  • Perpetuities
  • NPV & IRR
  • Expected Return
  • Variance and Standard Deviation
  • Diversification

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