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About This Course
Essential Concepts
Time Value of Money
Evaluating Cash Flows
Risk and Return

PreMBA Analytical Methods
Orientation: Introduction

Preassessment and Postassessment

The Preassessment provides you with an overall assessment of your strengths and weaknesses prior to starting this course and includes specific recommendations on how to use the course content to attain mastery in all concepts. The Postassessment has a similar form and purpose but is designed to be used after you've worked through this course content.

Each assessment presents 50 multiple-choice questions covering the core learning objectives of each section of the course. After you complete an assessment, you can review and print the answers if you'd like.

Both the Preassessment and the Postassessment are completely optional. If you choose to take them, you can do so at any time. However, it is strongly suggested that you attempt the Preassessment before beginning this course, and wait to attempt the Postassessment until you have finished working through the content. You might think of the Postassessment as a final exam.


Each course is divided into sections (presented in the left-hand navigation) with multiple topics (which are displayed when a section is opened). The topics present course content information in the form of text, animations, links to optional readings, and video clips. Each course topic also offers many practice opportunities, which are explained further below.

Practice Items

Each course topic includes a set of practice items at the end of the topic page. Practice items provide a means for you to receive an immediate assessment of your ability to answer questions and solve problems associated with a specific topic. These questions are grouped by two levels of difficulty: fundamental and advanced. You can review guided (detailed) solutions for most of these practice items at any time. Guided solutions often provide recommendations for further study. Most topics present more practice items than students usually want to attempt; do as many of them as you wish.


Terms in the main text area that appear in blue can be clicked on to open the glossary. The entire glossary for each course is available via the Glossary button located at the top right.

Playing Animations

The PreMBA courses have many animations to illustrate concepts and procedures. Throughout the course, you will see icons that represent animations. When you see one of these images, simply click on it once to load the animation. At the bottom of each animation, you will find a horizontal bar. To begin an animation, click the "Play" button. Each animation contains a written transcript of its audio portion.


Click on the Print button at the top right. To print a pop-up window, press the Print button that appears in the upper-right corner.