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Cardiac Management for the Female Patient with Elsa-Grace V. Giardina, MD
Technical Requirements
Adobe Acrobat 5
Adobe Acrobat 5 or above is also a requirement.
Get the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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If the movie does not play, get the free RealPlayer Basic plug-in. Look in the fine print for the "RealPlayer Basic" link. RealPlayer Plus is not required.
Video Captioning Setup

1. Open the RealPlayer program.
2. Go to the toolbar and click View. A dropdown menu will appear.
3. Select Preferences.
4. Select the tab labeled Content.
5. In the section Accessibility, click the button labeled Settings.
6. Check the box labeled Use accessibility features when available. Make sure the radio button labeled Show captions is selected.
7. Click OK in all windows and exit the RealPlayer program.

Note: The steps to video captioning setup may vary slightly across different versions of RealPlayer.
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