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The Guggenheim Museum
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The Guggenheim Museum is such a spectacular and such a dynamic building that it creates its own environment. It has nothing to do with the environment of residential Fifth Avenue, yet it creates a world unto itself with the dynamic spirals of the ramp on which the art was to be viewed.

The building was designed to be a pristine white building so that it would stand out from the park across the street, and was designed to be the most dynamic building on Fifth Avenue, to be a contrast to the very staid rows of apartment buildings on Fifth Avenue. You'd have this respite of this dynamic swirling museum.

The building has been altered somewhat, and to my view seriously marred, by the addition of a new wing in the 1990s, where if you view the building now from the north it no longer reads as a freestanding dynamic entity, but as having an armature that's holding it up.


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