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Columbia University Digital Knowledge Ventures The Architecture and Development of New York City with Andrew S. Dolkart
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Olmsted and Vaux went on to design a series of other parks, not only in New York but all across the country, both together and independently. And they considered their greatest masterpiece to be Prospect Park. Brooklyn, of course, rivaling New York City decided that they, too, needed a great urban park, and Olmsted and Vaux were commissioned to design it. And they felt that all the problems that they had with Central Park, the transverse roads and other things, were not involved with Prospect Park. The landscape, the undulating landscape, was more promising in Prospect Park, and they created, using the same elements that they had used at Central Park, they created a great masterpiece.

And this is the Long Meadow in Prospect Park, the largest open space in New York, the largest lawn in New York, which is actually much larger than is evident in any image because it curves and undulates, so you can actually never see the whole Long Meadow all at once, so you have to explore it to really experience the whole thing.

And here, too, they used this whole series of bridges and tunnels to separate the carriage drives, the bridle paths, and the pedestrian paths.


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