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Columbia University Digital Knowledge Ventures The Architecture and Development of New York City with Andrew S. Dolkart
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Apartment Hotels
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Explosion of Apartment Houses
Apartment Hotels
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At the same time that apartment houses were appearing, another type of building begins to appear, the apartment hotel. And these are like apartment houses in the way they look, but they have suites of rooms in them that did not have full kitchens. And you would eat in the restaurant at the hotel, or you could have your food sent up on dumbwaiters and you could eat in your apartment. You could even rent a maid to come and serve you.

And the apartment hotel becomes an alternative for middle-class people to the apartment house. You didn't have to worry about maintaining your own apartment, you had hotel services so somebody came and cleaned for you. And they were especially popular with people who came to New York for only part of the year. If you came for the season, to go to the opera or to go shopping, or you just wanted to spend a few months in New York, you might rent space at an apartment hotel like the Ansonia on Broadway and Seventy-third Street, another French Beaux-Arts–inspired building also filled with sculptural detail and cartouches on the façade.


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