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Columbia University Digital Knowledge Ventures The Architecture and Development of New York City with Andrew S. Dolkart
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The New Millennium
New Forms
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The history of the skyscraper now stretches back over 125 years, and here in the early twenty-first century we are still evolving new forms for the skyscraper. This great art form is still something that really is a very potent symbol in New York. Several great new buildings are in the planning stage, and some of them are designed by architects of international stature. Lord Norman Foster has designed a new building for the Hearst magazines that will be built on Eighth Avenue at Fifty-seventh Street as this grand, faceted-glass tower. The Italian architect Renzo Piano has designed a transparent tower as the headquarters for the New York Times, which will add to the grandeur of New York's skyline, and will again place New York in the forefront of the development of the skyscraper.


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