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Millennium United Nations Plaza Hotel
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New Models for Skyscrapers
Millennium United Nations Plaza Hotel
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Another alternative that architects began using in the 1970s was what came to be known as late modernism. It was to take the idea of the international-style glass skyscraper but, turn it into something that was much more sculptural. So here at the Millennium United Nations Plaza Hotel, designed by the firm of Roche Dinkeloo in 1976, the building almost looks like it has been shaped by a glacier. It creates a very dramatic shape on the skyline but using the ideas of European modernism, using industrially made products with no applied ornament, but now done in a very sculptural manner. And this kind of late modernism become very popular in the 1970s—trying to see how we can take modern ideas a step further without getting rid of the beauty of the vision of the modern skyscraper. Like hotels in the nineteenth century, the Millennium United Nations Plaza Hotel was a conscious effort to use architecture to create a building that would be highly visible on the skyline and would attract attention.


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